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Exercise is not a requirement.

Weight loss, weight maintenance, and health benefits are the most popular reasons for using this program. If a person is not at their appropriate weight for their frame size, they will lose weight on a daily basis until their system reaches the correct weight. If they are at the correct weight, they will automatically maintain this weight. If someone needs to gain weight, it will occur because it is what that system needs to be healthy. This is the effect of knowing and eating the right foods for your particular system.

We use Olympic standards to determine your weight per frame size and give instruction on how to determine this by measurement during your medical interview call. During the interview, Dr. Leon Mellman will give you approximations of the target weight per frame size specific to your confidential medical history discussed in counsel. These details and your blood sample are integrated when diagnostically formulating your Dietary Progressions Program.

Health benefits are another result of being on this dietary program. Some people can lose weight on most programs but they still need their medications because all health problems are not weight related – all health problems are immune related. This is another reason why I developed the application Dietary Progressions, which is the program that connects the diagnostic foundation we formulate for you. Like, for example, when a new client’s main focus is to reduce medication(s) or have positive changes on labs, yet their weight per frame size is good. Or they simply wish to improve performance at work and at play.

Dietary Progressions™ Steps

Get Started

Step 01: Getting Started

Medical interview and initial deposit.

Step 02: Blood Sample

The Dietary progressions program starts with a sample of your blood paired with your medical interview, a conference call with Dr. Leon Mellman. Once received, we learn, and identify problems, interference with food structures, chemicals, and preservatives causing or contributing to ill-health, inflammatory response, holding toxic weight or physical symptoms. Your Specimen kit is shipped; returned by FedEx.

Step 03: Blood Study

Preliminary laboratory processing continues for Sari Mellman’s Integrated Nutritional Programs for Applied Immunology. Final Staging of diagnostic dietary software formulation by Dr. Leon Mellman.

Step 04: Dietary Playbook

Your individualized Dietary Playbook is finalized with materials and a very accurate high-tech scale that offers special features, FedEx to you. Unique & specific to only your system, a custom diagnostic section, related to your immune system,strategic educational diagrams and the new rules to implement your dietary progression.

Step 05: Orientation Call

Your Dietary Playbook is presented to you by Dr. Leon Mellman, for Initial understanding of the diagnostic materials, as it directly relates to only your immune system. Dr. Leon’s dietary counsel guides you through 4 months of format reviews, a.k.a food coaching calls as you set yourself-up for making magical food moments.


Special Payment Plan Option

Nutrition’s Best Kept Secret is in Your Blood…
Be Your Own Dietary Engineer

50% down payment to begin the process
4-6 Month Payment Plan
Shipping of your materials within 2.5 weeks



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Dwight Freeney

Juanita Simpson

Ricky Williams

Dietary Playbook

The Playbook that will change your life

Dietary Progression

Connecting our Dietary Diagnostic Software and the application Dietary Progressions completes your Dietary Playbook™, a guide for your system to evolve with these Known and Unknown Mechanisms. During your Dietary Progression, our dietary diagnostic software formulation will reveal the Unknowns that may be causing problems, including your body holding weight or contributing to ill health.

Your system can have the opportunity to correct and repair itself. As every system is different, some achieve correction in a short period of time but for others it’s over a longer period of time. The parameters of establishing what defines correction, or what determines your own correction, will be initially discussed during your medical interview and again during your orientation call, Titled, How To Play The Game™.

Getting Started

The choice to implement these integrated nutritional applications and protocols throughout your lifetime, cultivating a new level of health, reaching for an optimal level of performance, and immune system efficiency is solely your choice.

This Program is primarily not a public group teleconferencing experience. All programs are non-refundable. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These programs and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease(s).

Program A

$7,995 / individual

Program A is primarily a live private “One To One” experience, educational teleconference calls and format reviews with Dr. Leon Mellman during your 4 months of dietary counsel.