Athletic Adjustments

Day 1 & 2 Experience @ BYG Campus

Dietary Cheat-Code patients experience two days of complimentary care (valued at $695 value per person). Please choose your care package on page 3 of this guide. Monthly packages include 6-visits of hands-on care by DocLeonMellman.

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Day 1 Experience
  • Initial Diagnostics performed by; DrLeon Mellman; Structural & Functional High Definition. X-rays Paired to…. ( Nervous System Scanning Instrument, Technology devolved by Co-NASA Engineering) that reveals…
  • Nervous System Inflammation and your immune system’s overall Reception, similar to reception on a cell phone except from your organs to nerves to soft-tissue to skeletal areas 
  • Authentic Pulse Wave Profiler (Heart Rate Variability) Scan, CO-developed by NASA Engineers
  • Bod Pod (Optional, Body Composition Measurement)
  • A (O2) Oxygen Mild-Hyperbaric Chamber & possible Hands On Pro-Adjustment based on X-ray
Day 2 Experience
  • Neuro WarmUp { An Overall – Postural & Spinal Hygiene experience that decompresses &    activates corrective postural alignment, from skeletal, spinal to nervous system)

  • DocLeon Mellman, BYG Gentle Specific, Chiropractic Full Body or UpperCervical Specific.    Adjustment, Sports / Family Orientated based on diagnostic visit…..

  • Post ~ Postural Neuro-Strength & Conditioning 

  • Dr’s Report of Findings (ROF) a of Diagnostics + Action Treatment Plan for the next 30days Trial Period 

Monthly Care Packages

02 Chamber Hyperbaric Immune Boosts Only: $295

2nd Adult: Minus $100 monthly

2nd Month Continuum Care: Minus $100 monthly

Child Under 10 Years of Age: 

Not accompanied by Adult/Parental Patient: Minus $200 monthly

If-Parent Receiving “SFCC + MHbot or Super02 – Care: $195 (includes chambers)

Campus Hours

Wednesday: 12 PM – 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM


Vip Visits

Are Available on campus


Local Offsite Requests

Requires a 6-hour retainer. Special pricing applies


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